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WAVEPACE Fiber Cabinet

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A great advantage of our components is their easy and flexible installation. In the following, we have prepared a selection of installation instructions for WAVEPACE products and solutions for you. Please reach out to your personal sales partner, in case there are further questions.

Splice Patch Wallbox

Mounting instructions MDU-Wallbox-SP-24

English | Version 1.0 | 2.9 MB

Splice Patch Wallbox XL

Mounting instructions MDU-XL-Wallbox-SP-72

English | Version 2.0 | 3.8 MB

ODF System

Mounting instructions ODF-System-900 and ODF-System 1200

English | Version 1.1 | 1.6 MB

System Panel

Mounting instructions SP (P)-xx-System-Panel-y

English | Version 1.0 | 1.3 MB

FTTH Outlet FWO-X1

Mounting instructions FWO-X1

English | Version 1.0 | 1.7 MB

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WAVEPACE network levels

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