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Splice Splitter Patch ­Outdoor Cabinet

Splice Splitter Patch Outdoor Cabinet
WAVEPACE Fiber Cabinet
  • Passive ready-to-connect outside plant cabinet for distribution of fiber optic connections via splitters to the subscriber at network level 3
  • Robust, application-optimized cabinet made of powder-coated stainless steel
  • Smallest cabinet dimensions, only 20 cm depth
  • All housing elements can be individually replaced, without any impact to operation
  • Pre-assembled with 256 SC/APC adapter and pigtails with G.657.A1 fibers in a 12 port ­horizontal at 22 vertical rows matrix

Optical Distribution Frame System

Optical Distribution Frame System
WAVEPACE ODF System open and closed
  • Stable distribution cabinet as a complete unit for termination and ­distribution of fiber optic technology
  • Completely accessible from the front
  • Designed for all installation types
  • Optimized 19“ front and rear mounting rails for installing the panel system solutions for free access
  • Designed for challenging environmental conditions and needs-­oriented growth

System Panel

System Panel
Two WAVEPACE System panels, open
  • Torsion-resistant and stable panel construction
  • 19“ wide panel with unique pivot function
  • Pre-assembled with 48 SC/APC or LC/APC ports and pigtails according DIN color code, stored in splice trays, ready for connection
  • Patch field with foldable front cover for cable protection and ­documentation
  • Integrated management for fibers and wires
  • 4 hinged splice trays at max. capacity of 12 fibers with a 90° hinge angle for good insight and handling

Pull-out Panel

Pull-out Panel
WAVEPACE Pull-out Panel
  • Splice patch panel for up to 48 port LC/APC
  • 1 RU pull-out panel for splicing and patching with 19“ mounting option
  • Robust metal construction with pull-out tray
  • Mounting bracket adjustable in depth
  • Pre-installed with 24 LC/APC duplex adapters
  • Option to include up to 4 splice trays
  • Includes separate horizontal cable routing bracket for appropriate installation on the front without disturbing the systems underneath

MDU Splice Patch Wallbox

MDU Splice Patch Wallbox
WAVEPACE MDU Wallbox, open
  • Wallbox suitable for open access for the network level 3 indoor-­termination as well as the connection of single dwelling units
  • Robust and compact design
  • 3-part modular design, consisting of housing, fiber module and cover; all ­components can be installed independently of each other
  • Fiber module with pivoting patch panel, pull-out adapter holder, splice tray system, fiber management and cable feeds/outlets
  • Integrated management for fibers and wires
  • Designed for 32 LC/APC or 24 SC/APC ports and pigtails by means of ­exchangeable adapter holders

MDU Splice Patch Wallbox XL

MDU Splice Patch Wallbox XL
WAVEPACE MDU Wallbox XL, open
  • FTTH wall box for indoor and outdoor application
  • To be used for network level 3 indoor-termination and in-house distribution
  • 2-part modular design, consisting of housing with foldable cover and removeable fiber module including cable feed and clamp
  • Accommodates up to 18 LC quad or SC duplex adapters; a patch frame for 48 SC simplex adapters is available optionally
  • Very high splicing capacity with 144 fibers in 2 splice blocks, each with 6 splice trays

2-door Wallbox

2-door Wallbox
WAVEPACE 2-door Wallbox, open
  • Compact metal wallbox, powder-coated
  • Available pre-installed, “ready-to-splice” with pigtails inserted into splice trays acc. to DIN color code
  • 2 doors with separate locks
  • Capacity for 48 LC/APC ports, or as HD version 64 ports with quad adapters and 48 ports SC with simplex adapters
  • 6 foldable splice trays for crimp splice protection, to splice up to 72 fibers

SDU Splice Patch Wallbox

SDU Splice Patch Wallbox
WAVEPACE SDU Wallbox, open
  • FTTH wallbox for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Optimally used for single dwelling units as well as multi dwelling units with only few apartments
  • Capacity for 12 splices and 4 adapters, additionally includes a dedicated space for a gas/water block fitting, to be used with micro tubes with a diameter of 7 mm
  • Protected against dust and splash water according to IP54
  • Slim, light and durable housing made of UV stable polycarbonate

FTTH Wall Outlet FWO-X1

FTTH Wall Outlet FWO-X1
WAVEPACE FTTH Wall Outlet, open
  • Multifunctional wall outlet with 4 ports LC or 2 ports SC for fiber ­connection in network level 5
  • Extremly compact dimensions, only 80 x 80 x 29 mm
  • Installation options for cavity wall box (60 mm mounting dimension), wall mounting, DIN rails and as click-on for DIY installation without access to the possibly pre-assembled fiber optics
  • Versatile cable entries for all installation cases, from all sides as well as from behind
  • Stable and pleasing housing made of white polycarbonatel
  • Hinged splice tray with molded universal splice protector holder for crimp, heat shrink or Micro Smouv (Mini HS) splice protectors

Fiber Optic Patch Cords

Armored Patchcords
WAVEPACE Armored Patch Cord, winded up
  • Sophisticated simplex patch cords with a G.657.A2 fiber ensure your network operation!
  • Equipped with high-quality grade B connectors
  • Undercutting the bending radius is a thing of the past! LSZH steel-armored versions of our patch cords prevent broken fibers and unnecessary service calls
  • Our experience shows, that white-colored patch cords are are treated with more care by the customer than the standard yellow ones
  • 100 % cleaned and tested before leaving our production facility
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